About MySARLogs

SARLOGS was developed by SAR personnel to fill the need for an effective way to track training for K9 and other SAR disciplines, like rope, grid, disaster and water rescue, to name a few. It allows for a cloud based and paper based log book, using a PC, smart phone or tablet.  Now we are adding logs for police, fire, EMA, CERT, CART and EMS.  We also added a new certificate repository for users and organizations so you can scan and download certificates or your GPS tracks to your training classes or mission logs and then you will have them available in your log reports.  This is all saved on a cloud based storage system with backups.  You can create training reports as need for certifications or CEU credit reports.  The ProLogs servers can also allow multi level admin access. for your local team or department and State or National certifying organizations.  This allows them to monitor your current status and have up to date CEU credit counts for re-certification status all in one easy to access system.

The users can be associated to a team or organization for report generation http://rxca..ic-cialis-price/.  We added the ability to also track your and the organization’s mission logs with handy report generation.

New users can access the demo system to get a feel for how it all works, lets you test the use of your smart phone and tablet.

As you join our family of users, please let us know what you Like, Don’t Like or Would like to see.